IMU quaternion's accuracy

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IMU quaternion's accuracy

Post by guelee239 »

Is this possible that occlusions may reduce the accuracy of the IMU quaternion data?
I am trying to track the tilt angles of the sensor which travels somewhere line-of-sight is often interrupted.
I am wondering if the occlusion only affects the location.

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Re: IMU quaternion's accuracy

Post by smoker77 »


Yes, interruption of line of sight should not affect IMU quaternion data.
IMU quaternion should work with same quality even when map is not built and location is not updating.

The single exception is using of pairing beacons feature.
In this case yaw angle calcutated by paired beacons can be used for gyro drift compensation in quaternion calculation.
And so jumps of locations of paired beacons caused by interrupted line of sight can affect yaw angle of the quaternion

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