strange behaviour, accuracy problem

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Re: strange behaviour, accuracy problem

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Hi Attila, did you freeze your modem map? It seems like you froze your submap but not the map in modem as indicated in your first screenshot.


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Re: strange behaviour, accuracy problem

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asti wrote:yes, please ignore the first screenshot.
I tried to change the hedge mobile beacons, same result > random positions.
It is very annoying, because now i used in a sterile environment (no pepople in room, and the beacons in LOS), our
target is a catering robot (lot of people, lot of tables in restaurant, etc...)

There could several things to carefully check:
- Settings, SW versions, etc. Please, always use Dashboard+Modem+Beacons SW only from the same SW pack. Always. Don't mix up
- Obstructions. If you have 3 beacons, the system automatically builds 3D map, i.e. all 3 stationary beacons must have LOS or line of hearing. If they don't you won't have tracking - like in real GPS. This is why we always recommend 3+1 redundancy for NIA and TDMA submaps for IA (2N redundancy from opposite direction). Direct line of hearing/sight is, probably, the only strong requirement, but that is a must
- You may mitigate short interruptions, if you use Realtime Player with high number of points to analyze, but you will get proportionally longer latency
- So, install beacons properly - follow our Placement Manual: ... manual.pdf, i.e. place stationary beacons on the ceiling and mobile beacons - high on the top of your robot - to avoid obstructions or to minimize them

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