Need a help

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Need a help

Post by MaxP »


I have problem with installing Marvelmind ROS Package. I follow these instruction ( ... 09_11a.pdf) but after executing command:
$ rosrun marvelmind_nav hedge_rcv_bin

I get this error:
[rospack] Error: package 'marvelmind_nav' not found
What could possibly go wrong?

However, I have doubts about copying downloaded sources from the repository into the ~/catkin_ws/marvelmind_nav/. What exactly should be in ~/catkin_ws/marvelmind_nav/?

After executing command
$ ls -a ~/catkin_ws/marvelmind_nav

I get
. CHANGELOG.rst .directory include package.xml
.. CMakeLists.txt .hgtags msg src


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Re: Need a help

Post by smoker77 »


There was a mistake in our ROS manual.
Please refer to updated one:

Similar previous topic:

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Re: Need a help

Post by barrysingh101 »

you have to check marvelmind manual for solution !

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