Accell calibration of mini-RX issue

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Accell calibration of mini-RX issue

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I'm attempting to calibrate the accelerometers for mini-RX hedges. I have read and followed the manual as listed in other posts, and I've run into an issue.

I connect the hedge to my PC and I am able to see data when I view the Accelerometer Data window -- I see changes as I rotate the hedge. But when I open the Calibration window, nothing appears even when I follow the manual instructions. I have auto fill selected (even selected manual and then auto again), clear table, and reset, and none of them produce any results...

I am using V6.130 on an older PC laptop.

Has anyone found any solutions for this issue? I've seen previous posts but the only answer is to look at the manual, and that's not working for me... maybe I'm missing a step? I appreciate any help...thanks!

- Nate

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