Beacons not found by Hedgehog

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Beacons not found by Hedgehog

Post by einzelheinz »

I have the following setup:

* The hedgehog is connected via USB to a Jetson Nano on a robot
* I want to read the position etc. from the hedgehog (right now, I am using the example code to print raw distances).
* Reading IMU data works fine however, now distance data / position is printed.

I do the following:

* Powerup the Jetson Nano, start program to dump the values from the Hedgehog
* Powerup two Beacons by using the right dip switch.

* LED2 starts to blink on the Beacons, after I while only blinks one blink very weak.

No data is being printed from the hedgehog (hedgehog was configured in dashboard to print all values)

Any ideas for troubleshooting?

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Re: Beacons not found by Hedgehog

Post by smoker77 »


Do you power up only beacons but not powerup the modem?
Modem is required for tracking.
If beacons don't see modem more than 1 minute. they enter sleep and start 'weak blink' 1 time per 10 sec.
You need build and freeze map for tracking.
After that map is automatically saved in modem.
If you disconnect modem from power and connect to power after some time, modem automatically wakes beacons and starts tracking.

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