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Settings to get correct north direction

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 6:39 pm
by smoker77
In some cases it is required to achieve correct north orientation of map for NMEA output from Marvelmind system.
For example, when using Marvelmind mobile beacon as navigation data source for Pixhawk installed on a copter, correct north is required for correct yaw control of the copter.

Marvelmind system can not measure north direcion automatically, so user should make correction after building and freezing the map.

It can be done by any of two ways:
1. Rotate Marvelmind map using the dashboard, as shown on attached screenshot. Or you may check the video:
2. Enter angle correction (the angle shown on screenshot) on the Pixhawk side from Mission Planner of APM Planner.
Refer to the parameter "BCN_ORIENT_YAW": ... orient_yaw