Flight Path

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Flight Path

Post by mina »

I want to make a flight Path(map) in Dashboard V5.18 , but i don't know How?

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Re: Flight Path

Post by freaad »

I think they haven't support the flight path yet. You need to your UAV's GCS for flight path.
Basically flight path need to uploaded from your GCS. I don't know which drone you are using it.
Could you explain more about your state.

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Re: Flight Path

Post by smoker77 »

You can see the procedure for setup path in following topic:
http://www.marvelmind.com/forum/viewtop ... 4&start=10
This allows to send path from dashboard via mobile beacon's UART into the user device.
Now we have information that this function is not compatible with high resolution coordinates mode, used by default.
Please disable high resolution mode to use this function until we fix it issue in new release.

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