Autonomous flight MarvelMind Pixhawk 3 beacons

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Re: Autonomous flight MarvelMind Pixhawk 3 beacons

Post by Smithy »

Have you oriented your map in the dashboard correctly?

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Re: Autonomous flight MarvelMind Pixhawk 3 beacons

Post by Hendrik »

Yes, the map (created from 2 submaps) is positioned correctly.
MarvelMindNorth is pointing up, but differs from real north.
That is not a problem. When I reset the Pixhawk and the multicopter is pointing to MarvelMindNorth it sets itself right.
When using magnetic compass I have to adjust declination.

Problem is as follows:

Indoor magnetic compass is not reliable. On a few meters it can differ up to 15 degrees.
15 degrees mismatch between real heading and measured heading gives serious "toilet bowl" problems.

Heading from gyros is ok, but is drifting away. (almost 1 degree per minute)

Other problem is that Pixhawk does not work when all compasses are switched of and heading is based upon Gyros or GPS.
It gives "Bad compass health" errors and "EKF variance" error and refuses to switch to Auto mode.

I would like to have the GPS and/or gyro as the only heading information and enable Auto mode.

I am trying to modify Pixhawk software (ArduCopter) to realise that, but any tips and suggestions are very welcome.


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