Integration Marvelmind and Pixhawk 4

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Re: Integration Marvelmind and Pixhawk 4

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I am an undergraduate student who is working with a design team to develop a drone capable of documenting its 3D position indoors using the Marvelmind Starter Set Super-NIA-3D system. We are using a Pixhawk 4 flight controller along with the Mission Planner ground control station. We have attempted to follow the instructions provided by this guide: ... Manual.pdf

We are running into an issue when attempting to upload the recommended firmware to our board. We have received an error stating that the firmware is not compatible with the board. Can you provide any direction about whether these instructions will work with the flight controller that we are using? Up until this point we have been running ardupilot as the flight stack on our controller, must we change to using PX4?

In addition to attempting this method we have also followed documentation put forward by Ardupilot on their website without success: ... marvelmind

We have tried offsetting the beacon positions in the Marvelmind dashboard so that the hedgehog had a Z of -10m at ground height, but we are unable to observe the change in altitude on mission planner, as well as no lat/long data. We understand that this is not your recommended form of implementation of your system, we just wanted to outline everything we have tried to see if there is anything you could help us fix.

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Re: Integration Marvelmind and Pixhawk 4

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In this manual ( ... Manual.pdf ) we described the test with certain version of Pixhawk hardware and firmware. If you use Pixhawk hardware of another version than in this manual, you may be needed another version of firmware.
Please try latest version of Ardupilot firmware.

Currently we don't recommend PX4 firmware because we have several reports about troubles in integration Marvelmind system with PX4 firmware.
In close future we are planning to test Pixhawk with PX4 firmware and will release additional manual for this configuration.

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