Connecting HW4.9 Beacons to HW4.5 Modem

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Connecting HW4.9 Beacons to HW4.5 Modem

Postby srybak » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:39 am

I am currently in the process of creating an autonomous robot for a senior design project. Luckily my department had a HW4.5 Beacon and modem kit available for us to use. However we needed more beacons, After talking with Marvelmind's chat it was confirmed that 4.9 beacons would work with the 4.5 modem.

We currently have the five HW4.5 beacons running perfectly. However we have tried to get the 4.9 Beacons will not connect. Below is what we have done to prep / attempt to connect the new beacons:

- DfuSe upgraded to same SW_2019_02_03. Using the HW45 firmware for the old beacons and the HW49 firmware for the new beacons.
- The hw4.9 beacons are charged and LED2 is flashing after pressing reset on beacon.
- Connect directly to dashboard and pressing "default" and "read all"
- the beacon is set on a separate device address and on the correct radio frequency (433Hz)
- 4.5 Modem has 4.9 firmware installed (this is the only thing I could think would be causing issues but it works fine with the 4.5 beacons)

The other beacons connect without problem when the modem is plugged in. Is there anything I am missing or need to try?

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Re: Connecting HW4.9 Beacons to HW4.5 Modem

Postby admin » Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:27 pm


With high probability, there are two potential reasons:
- Incorrect SW for a HW
- Different radio profiles

So, please:
- Share the exact name of the SW you used for HW v4.5 beacons, modems and for HW v4.9 beacons
- Share print screens of radio settings of beacons HW v4.9 and HW v4.5 and modem HW v4.9

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