Robot Path Creation

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Robot Path Creation

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I am confused on how the path is created in the dashboard. In other posts I have read that when a "robot" is present the option to create a path becomes available, but what determines if a robot is available?
I am working on an autonomous lawn mower project controlled by a Arduino. Our Arduino is controlling a motor driver based on rotary encoder feedback (allowing accurate drive shaft movement. However we are looking to implement the Marvelmind system for navigation. We have the 4 stationary beacons and 1 mobile hedgehog set up currently. Is there some other equipment that we need or am I just not understanding how to use what we have?

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Re: Robot Path Creation

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You don't need any device detected in dashboard as 'robot' to send path.
You can connect your robot via UART or USB to mobile beacon and send the path through the mobile beacon.
For Arduino it should be UART, and we have an Arduino example for getting the path.
The option for sending path is in context menu of mobile beacon's button in dashboard.
See more details on section 10.10 of the manual: ... manual.pdf

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