Millimeter Resolution Coordinates Over UART

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Millimeter Resolution Coordinates Over UART

Postby andrew.dudash » Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:15 am

Hi all,

I'm attempting to setup the Marvelmind and talk to it over UART, but I'm only able to get the following messages.

[b'\xff', b'G', b'\x12', b'\x00', b'\x01', b'\x00', b'\xa4']
This corresponds to a packet of all beacon coordinates, subsection 1.2.2 of the latest beacon interface sheet. [0] (The 'G' is ASCII 0x47 and the 0x00 and 0x01 are switched because of endianess.) (The amount of coordinates being sent are zero, but a more serious problem is that the code doesn't even seem to support parsing 1.2.2 messages. There's no code for identifying the headers.)

I'd much prefer to get packets with mm resolution coordinates, subsection 1.1.2 of the latest beacon interface sheet. I only need the coordinates of the mobile beacon hooked up over UART. I don't need the coordinates of the other beacons.

Interfaces Settings on Dashboard
UART Speed: 9600 (Same as on device running code.)
Protocol on USB/UART output: Marvelmind
External device control: No control
PA15 Pin Function: USART RX
Raw intertial sensors data: Enabled
Processed IMU data: Enabled
Raw Distance Data: Enabled
Quality Data Stream: Enabled
Telemetry Stream: Disabled (Starts sending subsection 1.6 0x0006 packets when enabled)

Is it possible to get mm resolution coordinates in format 1.1.2 of the beacon interface from a mobile beacon?
Can I do this over the dashboard?
What dashboard options would I need to get mm resolution coordinates to work?
If the stationary beacons were not setup correctly, would the mobile beacon just not receive any position updates?

Sorry if this should be obvious, I've been pouring over the interface datasheet and the system manual for a week and still haven't gotten it working.

Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Millimeter Resolution Coordinates Over UART

Postby smoker77 » Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:14 pm


You should freeze the submap before mobile beacon will be able to send its location (and location of other mobile beacons) according to subsection 1.1.2. If one of more of the submaps are not frozen, the modem is in the mode of building map, and it does not measure and report location of mobile beacons.
Just select 'Submap 0' and click 'freeze submap' button in bottom right corner of the map in dashboard.
Before it, make sure the stationary beacons are located on the map and the table of distances is filled and all its cells are white.

'' should support mobile beacon's coordinates packet (section 1.1.2) even if it does not support stationary beacons cordinates (section 1.2.2).

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