Using Marvelmind in C#

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Using Marvelmind in C#

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I have legacy code and I am required to call the marvel mind functions in C#. A couple of things I have tried are using the P\invoke commands to make a DLL to pass the coordinates between. I am having an issue with this because of lack of experience with P\invoke and do not know how to pass the marvel mind structure across the two languages.

Another solution I have seen is to write a serial reader for C#. Though, I do not understand the output values. I have zero experience with this, so anything is appreciated.

Thanks for Any Help.

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Re: Using Marvelmind in C#

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I'm not familiar with C#, but I think more simple way is to use Marvelmind C library as dll from C# code.
You will need add some changes (export functions) to the example to compile it as dll library.
Here is example of using dll from C project in C#: ... n-use-it-w
Here is example of exporting complex data structures from C dll to C#: ... arpgeneral
Hope this will help.

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