Weird PX4 (Pixhawk) Yaw readings.

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Weird PX4 (Pixhawk) Yaw readings.

Postby shox2005 » Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:57 am

After subtracting the yaw reading in mission planner from 360 and apply that difference in the heading correction, i am supposed to find the yaw reading is around 0+- 5 degrees, but i never found that as i usually find there still large value and when i try to arm it says yaw too large to arm. any clue??? i did this steps like whats written in the manual.

Install the copter in its original position, from which it must take off
• Next, go to the FLIGHT DATA page
• On the bottom panel in the "Quick" tab, find the parameter "Yaw (deg)"
• Subtract the displayed number from 360.
This will be the correction for the magnetic north of the position of the Copter. It must be entered in the compass settings.
To do this, go to the page INITIAL SETUP | Mandatory Hardware | Compass and make this correction in the panel "General Compass Settings"
• Reboot the autopilot.
Finally, the parameter "Yaw (deg)" should be within 0 ± 5 degrees.
On the autopilot, the main LED should blink green, and on the "FLIGHT DATA" page the message "3DFix" should appear on the navigation bar

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